Here is a record of Dexter's Fellrangers.  The Fellrangers are listed here: http://www.haroldstreet.org.uk/waypoints/download/?list=fellrangers.  

The following 18 fells are Fellrangers but not Wainwrights (Outlying Fells are marked O, otherwise X, with date climbed):

The Mid Western Fells

Little Stand X 30/11/09

Eskdale Moor O 19/11/11

Great How X 6/5/10

Muncaster Fell O 18/7/15

The Western Fells

Iron Crag X 17/11/12

Knock Murton X 5/7/16

The Central Fells

Bell Crags X 6/7/16

The Southern Fells

Black Combe O 11/11/11

Caw O 2/9/14

Great Worm Crag O 9/9/15

Hesk Fell O 3/9/14

Stainton Pike O 15/11/14

Whitfell O 4/3/15

Buckbarrow O 4/3/15

Stickle Pike O 14/11/10

Wallowbarrow Crag X 7/7/16

Walna Scar O 2/5/09

Yoadcastle O 15/11/14

Of these, there are only 3 which we had not climbed upon completion of the Wainwrights and Outlying Wainwrights.  They are Bell Crags, Knock Murton and Wallowbarrow Crag and these were completed on 5, 6 & 7 July 2016.